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Our Vision

As a leading force for change and innovation in business education, we are dedicated to:

  • Enhancing human intrinsic leadership value for good and achievement

  • Contributing to a more sustainable world economy through responsible leadership

  • pioneering the field of education through our personalized dedication and commitment to our students’ needs

  • Educating and developing leaders able to understand and take advantage of the global challenges and opportunities of the fourth economic industrial revolution

  • Contributing to applied and future-oriented research to resolve economic negative externalities that can be resolved by good business management practices

  • Partnering with the government, civil society and corporate business to ameliorate the actual economic system

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide and give each student the opportunity to become his/her true successful self and contribute to a holistically successful 21st century economy.

This mission has emerged because of Jean Jacques Rousseau’s writing that “We are born good nature and corrupted by society”.  And of Hans d'Orville’s (Special Adviser to the Director-General of UNESCO; Fellow, WAAS) call for a new humanism in the 21st century roots in the conviction that the moral, intellectual and political foundations of globalization and international cooperation must be rethought.

At Swiss-SASEM we believe that education is the only way to positively transform and influence society and that they are no bad students but only bad method of teaching and motivating. It is our mission to make sure that all our students are from day one motivated and that their intrinsic humanistic leadership values and abilities are enhanced by our personalized and student focus education. We believe that successful humanistic focused individual transform and foster wealthier and better societies.

It is our mission to enable individuals to become their true successful self, making the most of their scarce resources by understanding and taking advantage of the 21st century challenges in general and in particular of the fourth industrial revolution and of the core issue of climate change and of sustainable development.


To guide our mission, we are taking inspiration on the multi-dimensional approach of the United Nation’s 5 dimensions of the Global Goals.

Our Values

Our values support our 5 cornerstones and allow us to measure our intentions, behaviors and actions. These values are guiding the collaboration among all our stakeholders.


Business Ethics

Our word is our bond. We pursue highest ethical and quality standards in our business dealing. We do encourage an implement non-discriminatory policy. We inspire others to do the same.

Humanistic focused

We put the people at the centre of our reflection and action. We recognize business as a positive force for a more sustainable and socially just world. We put the human in the centre of all our concerns.

innovative collaboration

We collaborate to make new things happen and flourish. We encourage to think outside to the box. We build on diversity of thought, culture and approach. We shape the future by creating constructive synergy among our stakeholders.

Pragmatic partnership

We create an environment of trust and respect. We are flexible and pragmatic. We listen and respond with solution-oriented ideas and actions. No matter what happens, we choose to contribute by achieving the best out of any situation.

Lifelong learning

We encourage and foster “lifelong learning” as a complex and multi-faceted process periods of formal education and training continued throughout life. We believe that economic progress & development, personal development & fulfillment and social inclusiveness & democratic understanding and activity are fundamental to building a more democratic polity and set of social institutions.

We welcome new ideas and visions. We foster each other growth. We are ready to change our thinking and behaviour. Differences of opinion make us learn and growth.

Courageous leadership

We Face facts about the state of your organization and business; we seek feedback and listen; we say what needs to be said; we encourage push-back. We act on performance issues. We communicate openly and frequently. We lead change; we give credit to others. We hold people (and our self) accountable. We Face facts about the state of your organization and business.

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