International Educational Forum “Didactic Bridge: Europe-Asia”

On 25-28th of May, 2019 at the Shakarim University in the city of Semey, was held the 3-rd International Educational Forum “Didactic Bridge: Europe-Asia”.


This is the third international educational forum “Didactic bridge: Europe-Asia”. The first meeting took place in Semey, the second forum was held in Poland, and the third forum was held again in Semey. The forum was attended by the rectors of the most advanced universities and schools in Europe and Asia, and the questions raised about the development of the educational system, the integration of modern technologies, programs and projects.


The Forum was attended by the Jan Amos State Higher School of Vocational Education of Comenius of Leszno (Poland), Kyungdong University (South Korea), Shenzhen University (China), the World Islamic Academy of Sciences (Jordan), and the Swiss Higher School of Applied Sciences in Economics and Management ( Switzerland).


The Forum participants were presented with three unique projects.

- This is a mechanical engineering program;

- This is experience in the field of nuclear medicine and nuclear safety.

- This is experience in the development of agriculture, forest protection, ecology.


Also was raised question of anti-corruption issues into the curriculum of individual subjects and disciplines, as well was proposed a concept for the formation of an anti-corruption culture in the youth environment.


As part of the forum, the organizers also prepared a cultural program. A meeting with the creative intelligentsia of the region “Civilization Phenomenon of Abay Philosophy” which was held at the Abay Museum. An extensive cultural program was organized in the recreation area in the pine forest - guests were able to get acquainted with the decoration of the yurt, ride horses, take part in national games, watch a concert. Kazakhstan, once again showed its hospitality, and the guests showed a genuine interest in the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people.