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International Educational Forum

"Didactic Bridge" 2020


On July 30, 2020, the Annual International Educational Forum "Didactic Bridge" Europe-Asia "was held online, the topic of which was" Belt &  Initiative - A New Paradigm of Globalization and the Strategic Role of Universities in the Ecosystem of Special Economic Zones (FEZ) ". The forum was organized by Shakarim University and  Belt & Road Research Institute of Shenzhen University. The moderator and Chairman of the Forum, Professor Meir Garipollaevich Eskendirov, outlined the role of universities in the formation of ecosystems for the development of economic zones, based on market interests, where the accompanying factors are globalization projects and international initiatives.

The speakers of the forum were its co-founders and permanent residents such as Professor Tao Yitao (Shenzhen University, China), Professor Dominique Jordan (Swiss School of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management), Professor Maciej Petshak, Jan Amos University of Applied Sciences, Yemen Amos University. Poland) and others. Also important speaker of this forum was Mr. Kanat Adilbayev, Deputy Akim of the city of Semey with the topic of prospects for the development of the city of Semey, and its investment opportunities.

The topics that were discussed: issues of development of education, economy, culture and society in the conditions of a pandemic . The problems of the economic crisis, the role of education in solving socio-economic problems, issues of interaction between the state-business-education, new methods and technologies of education and science in a pandemic, alternative scenarios for pandemic exit and adaptation in a post-pandemic.

6 countries took part in the Forum: China, Switzerland, Poland, Kazakhstan. New participants were representatives from India and Russia: Professor Biswajit Das (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar), Pelevin Sergei Viktorovich, Vice-Rector for International Relations of the Armavir State Pedagogical Institute.

The summarized results and the resolution of the Forum once again proved the necessity of the work of this platform, the significance of the Didactic Bridge "Europe-Asia" for joint exchange and development has a huge applied role, which is difficult to overestimate.

The participants of the Forum shared a wide range of experience in a pandemic, the implementation of online education through mass online platforms, pedagogical and methodological solutions in the field of teaching and research. A special role in the work of the Forum was given to issues of economic development, stimulating the creation of favorable ecosystems, initiating economic recovery based on best practices in the creation and operation of Free Economic Zones. The adopted conclusions are of great practical significance, and the key provisions developed as a result of the Forum will be applied in education, science, business environment and public administration.

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