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Program Offerings

Dream. Challenge. Succeed.

Swiss School of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. In every class, our teachers emphasize the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity to prepare our students to live thoughtful, creative, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Please see our current course offerings below.

Кредитная карта

An enlightening Learning Experience

Enroll in this hands-on, innovative program and take part in a unique, challenging learning experience. Our highly qualified and skilled teachers serve as facilitators in the course, guiding students through exploring and individual learning. Contact us if you want to learn more about our program.

Работа в офисе

"Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary."

Today successful and visionary leaders must often propose and lead interdisciplinary projects outside of their pure specialization, home culture and original education. To be able to seize the day and make their lives extraordinary, they must have a holistic understanding and experimentation of the values, believes and interests of their global peers and alter-egos.. Hurry up - there are limited places available in this very personalized program! Contact us today if you want to learn more.

Читать газеты

Fun and Challenging

Give yourself a chance and opportunity to become your best self. Dive right into class with one of our expert teachers. Our goal as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity and allow them to learn at their own pace. Get in touch with us to learn more, or better yet, come by to experience this class first-hand. Contact us for more information.

Бизнес Brainstorm
Бизнес Brainstorm

An exceptional foundation to progress your chosen career path

It offers an unparalleled experience to challenge your perspectives on the way firms and markets operate, and to develop lifelong skills as a talented and innovative manager and economist. Combining an exceptional level of analytical training in economics with the more applied scope of a management degree, this is a unique programme.

Contact us for more information.

Читать газеты
В поисках медицины

Contribute to the development of the health care sector

EMBA in Healthcare Economics and Management

The programme focuses on how to approach current and future healthcare challenges through innovation. You develop an interdisciplinary understanding of management, economics and innovation in the sector.

On completion of this programme, you will be able to apply economic concepts to medical questions and actively address the challenges of today's complex and rapidly changing healthcare sector with innovative approaches.

Contact us for more information.

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