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Prof. Dr. Ruth Pasquier (Rios-Morales)

Academic Dean

PhD in Politics of International Business, University of Ulster,UK

Dr. Ruth Rios-Morales holds a BSc in Economics, PgDip in Applied Economics, MSc in  International Economics and aPhD in Economic Policy from the University of  Ulster, UK.  Ruth is also Country Director for Switzerland of the EuroMed Research Business Institute  (EMRBI) and visiting academic at Trinity College Dublin, Ruth worked at the Centre for  Foreign Affairs and Applied Diplomacy, School of Management and Law, Zurich University  of Applied Sciences. Ruth has also worked at the School of Business Studies, Trinity College Dublin. Ruth has conducted advanced research that has been acknowledged by  the United Nation Conference for Trade and Development, the WorldBank and academic  institutions. Rut has published 27 academic journal papers, 34 peer-reviewed conference  papers, two books and a number of book chapters.


Prof. Dr. Ilidio Silva

Director of the Master Program


PhD in Finance, University of Salamanca, Spain

Dr. Ilídio Silva holds a Ph.D. (with mention of “European Doctor”) in Finance (University of Salamanca, Spain), a Post Graduate Certification in Higher Education (University of Derby, England), and a Degree in Business Administration (University of Coimbra, Portugal), and has been teaching for more than 18 years in higher education (on-campus and online courses) in Management, Accounting, and Finance areas, in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Kazakhstan.

He is co-author of a Financial Calculus book, author and co-author of several scientific articles and pedagogical works. He has also experience in the training area, in a corporate context (being former in postgraduate courses for managers and in training courses for companies) and in a social context (having promoted several awareness sessions about Financial Literacy and Personal Finance).

Currently, his main areas of interest are Personal Finance, FinTech, and Sustainable Finance.


Prof. Bruno Dard

Director of International Development


HEG in Entrepreneurship; Certified Trainer for Adults, Hermes Executive Management Training Certificate  INSEAD Paris, France

After graduating from a French Business School, Professor Bruno Dard moved from Besançon, the French capital city of the watchmaking industry to the Geneva lake region to pursue a career in the thriving watch industry and develop Luxury Watch brands over the past 20 years.

This cross-border migration started with a successful contribution to the international development and recognition of the Frédérique Constant and Alpina Geneva brands.

After eight years of strategic Brand building, he was offered an executive board position at Hermès to reposition the watch division to a higher segment working on a clearer product offer and a more selective distribution network.

While supporting the strategic development of several Swiss Watch Manufactures as a consultant since 2013, Professor Bruno Dard  sharing his experience and his specific approach of the inspirational luxury business model.

He has founded a The Brand Shaper, a network of specialists to help companies as consultant in Revenue management, HR, Branding, Training and various strategic options.

Prof. Dr. McPartland

Doctor of  Education, University of  Derby, England.

Dr. David Mc Partland holds a Doctorate in Education (EdD), University of Derby, England and an MSc in Corporate Strategy and People Management, J.E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Economics, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland.

Professor Mc Partland has a diverse business background spanning across a range of industries from travel and tourism, advertising, consultancy as well as the education sector, where he has over thirteen years’ experience as a lecturer and facilitator. Professor Mc Partland’s teaching and research interests are in the field of Human Resource Management, Leadership, Strategic Management and Business Simulations.

Prof. Dr. Leonila Guglya


LL.M (x3), SJD, PhD International lawyer, consultant in the field of international trade policy

Leonila Guglya has considerable academic and practical background in international law domain, focusing on international trade law, international business law and international dispute settlement. At varied periods she worked with several international law firms, was a research associate for the international investment

arbitration project at the University of Geneva, a doctoral fellow at the WTO, and had a range of academic engagements. Currently Leonila works as a trade policy consultant in Geneva, where she assists developing countries and LDCs in the WTO accessions,

TPRM, and in the negotiations on the DDA and the “new” issues, notably e-commerce. Leonila holds a PhD degree summa cum laude in the WTO Law from the University of Geneva (2017); an SJD degree summa cum laude in international arbitration (2010) and an LLM in international business law (2006) from the Central European University (US/ Hungary); a Master in International Dispute Settlement ("MIDS") LL.M Degree from the University of Geneva and Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (2010); as well as a Master of Law (2005) and a Bachelor of Law (2004) degrees from the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in Ukraine.

Prof. Dr. Pablo Hafner

PhD in Economics, University of St. Gallen,Switzerland

Dr. Pablo Hafner holds a PhD inEconomics, University ofSt. Gallen,  Switzerland is a specialist in advising and helping CEOs implement successful  turnaround management solutions, He has led successful organizational  transformations and complex turnaround management projects for several industrial companies in Europe and the Americas. Through comprehensive  analysis, he helps businesses develop solid strategies to bring about their long  term success. Additionally, Pablo works directly with the boards of directors of  both private and public enterprises to improve their companies’ governance  structures. Pablo Hafner is the author of numerous international publications,  and his articles can be found regularly in the international economic press. He  also has been a contributor to several books int he field of family business, firm  restructuring, and corporate governance. He is currently member of various  boards of directors in diverse industries


Prof. Dr. Paula Marques dos Santos 

PhD in International Relations History, Oporto University, Portugal

​Paula Santos holds a PhD in International Relations History, a MBA in International Trade, a Bachelor degree in international Relations, all from Oporto University, Portugal. She is also a Team Europe Member (European Commission).

She is the author of 5 books (Portugal-Brazil relations, executive advisory, strategic management and event management), as well as of several scientific papers about Foreign Policy, Political Communication, executive advisory, European Citizenship, non-profit organizations management and sustainability, Voluntary Work and Entrepreneurship.

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Prof. Dr. Olga Novitskaya

Doctoral Degree in Economics and Social Sciences, Fribourg University, Switzerland

Dr. Olga Novitskaya holds a Doctoral Degree in Economics and Social Sciences from Fribourg University in Switzerland (chair of Human Resources and Organization) and a MBA from the Glion IHE in Switzerland. She has taught Strategic Human Resource Management in Hospitality Business Schools in Switzerland and has over 10 years of experience in educational administration and management, program development, teaching, and research. Dr. Novitskaya’s research is focused on International Human Resource Management and the transfer of HRM practices to emerging markets. Over the past three years, as the founder of URPEAK Sarl, she has delivered intensive courses in Business Management to hospitality industry professionals globally. As an affiliate Member of UNWTO, she is also involved in various international projects for capacity building of employees in tourism and hospitality industry.

Prior to undertaking an academic career, Dr. Novitskaya gained international experience in tourism and hospitality while representing a large Russian tour operator in Austria, Croatia, Greece, India, and Tunisia. During that time, Dr. Novitskaya also launched a travel agency and consulted hotels and hotel owners on business development.

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Prof. Sandugash Sembinova

MBA degree from Moscow State University

Prof. Sandugash Sembinova hold an MBA degree from Moscow State University, a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of London, SOAS center, and a Chartered Institute of Purchasing Supply Diploma. 
Founder of "San Yo Ltd" and "", business practitioner.
Sandugash Sembinova is Kazakh by origin, Dutch by nationality and international by mindset.
She has lived, studied, and worked in 7 countries. 
During her 20+ years of career, she occupied positions as Vice President, Senior Manager, and Director in oil & gas, financial services, and IT industries.  Her skill set is based on cross-cultural  communication, international negotiations, women empowerment, and digital procurement.
Currently, she runs a consulting business for multinational companies in contract management, procurement, and negotiations.

Prof. Dr. Leila Mamirova

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Prof. Ciprian G. Florea

MBA, Master in Engineering

Ciprian G. Florea has a dual education engineering and business and passion for innovation and digitalization.

He holds a MBA in International Management at Royal Holloway, University of London and a MBA in SME Enterprises (CAAE-IAE) at Strasbourg School of Management. He also holds a Master in Thermal Engineering at IFFI - CNAM Paris and a Master in Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic School, Timisoara RO.

Ciprian is a Global Operations Professional with extended experience in performing and transforming complex supply chains in several industries: FMCG/CPG (food w/ Wrigley-Mars, chemicals w/ Firmenich and Ecolab), GMP (pharmaceutical, healthcare w/ Novartis).  Over the last decade he has led several transformations of global operations. He is a passionate innovation driver and an implementer of digital technologies (Industry 4.0 solutions) as an essential enabler for both value creation and human wellbeing.

Ciprian shares his expertise and passions with students by teaching in university topics related with innovation, transformation, digitalization and industry 4.0. For many years Ciprian has collaborated as speaker, visiting professor and supervisor for graduation projects with French National Engineering School ENIM Metz, where he teaches information systems for supply chain and Industry 4.0.

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