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A Tripartite Memorandum


A tripartite memorandum of cooperation was signed between “Alikhan Bokeikhan University”, “Swiss School of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management” and “Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial and Innovative Development of the Abai region”.

The event was attended by Dominique Jordan - Rector of the “Swiss-SASEM Business School”, Voroshilov Rustem Nurallievich - Head of the “Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial and Innovative Development of the Abai region”, Almira Baltabekovna Khozhanova - Director of the State Enterprise "College of Business and Service" in Semey, Zhanna Asylkhanovna Kurmanbayeva - Head of the ABU Rector's Office and leading ABU academics and faculty specializing in tourism and hospitality.

Tourism and hospitality is currently the most dynamic industry. Unfortunately, the main problem of the industry is the low level of services due to unqualified staff. Today, in a large number of hospitality facilities, the need for qualified professional will only increase.

This memorandum is designed to implement a number of areas: the development of dual education and consulting services in the field of hospitality, training based on joint educational programs, transfer of experience from the top country in the field of hospitality, such as Switzerland.

ABU is launching a new educational program "Management in tourism and hospitality", cooperation with the Hospitality Training Center in Semey. Students will be able not only to gain the necessary knowledge in hospitality, but also to start working while studying at ABU - through the experience of professional dual training.

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